Basic Information

How to donate funds?

Payments on this website are all made via Bank transfer or through PayPal Payments Terminal and BORICA POS Terminal.

You can donate in a number of ways - as you would prefer:
- Online, by credit or debit card, via Paypal
- Online, by credit or debit card via BORICA POS Terminal
- by bank transfer - through the donation account. (reflected once a week)

You can donate without signing up.

You can donate anonymously .

You can donate:

  • Pay Pal and BORICA, accepts debit and credit cards VISA, MasterCard, American Express.

  • You can donate to a bank account . When you choose to donate by bank transfer to a campaign, you indicate what amount you want to donate. You must actually transfer the amount declared to a bank account. Only when the bank confirms that your donation has been made, your donation will be reflected on the campaign page.

The recipient will receive the donated donations after the expiry of the campaign. Funds will be transferred to the bank account specified by the recipient in the contract signed between him/her and deducts 5% of the funds donated to each campaign when providing the donor's money. These funds are used for maintenance, communication with users, payment of bank charges.

How do I create a campaign?

Campaigns are created to raise funds for important personal or public needs in support of a charity cause.

Here's how to create a campaign step by step.

Approval of the donаtion's recipient (person or legal entity) takes place after a review of all necessary documents. A contract will be signed between the donations recipient and Administrators will contact the recipient to request these documents. See the Mandatory Documents .

IDEASPONSOR.ORG aims to assist and facilitate individuals, groups, social causes and non-profit organizations to raise funds online.