Obligatory Documents for New Campaign Creation

The approval of the recipient of the donations - a person or a legal entity - is done on the basis of documents submitted by him / her. Documents are the basis for signing a contract between the recipient and IDEA SPONSOR organization. In this way, we guarantee the donors that their donations will not be abused.

The ideasponsor.org administrators will contact the recipient to request these documents.

I. For persons who raise funds for treatment in Bulgaria and abroad

II. For persons who raise funds for appearances in Bulgaria and abroad

Mandatory documents for legal entities

I. For organizations registered under the Law on Non-Profit Legal Entities

II. For educational and health establishments and legal entities other than traders, charitable, social, environmental, health, research, educational, cultural and sporting purposes

III. For municipalities

Content approval criteria

The texts will be edited and approved by an administrator of IDEA SPONSOR.

No texts will be allowed:
• Stylistically and grammatically uncorrect;
• with hate speech;
• provoking to actions affecting the dignity of persons related to the campaign or others;
• implying discrimination.

When creating your online donation campaign, you must declare:

  • you will properly disclose the unique name of the campaign to all your users and donors;
  • you are agree that 5% of the proceeds of a campaign will be used by the IDEA SPONSOR to administer the campaign, technical maintenance the platform and cover bank charges for each individual campaign
  • You agree that the campaign funds will be recruited into a IDEA SPONSOR account, a campaign administrator. The donated campaign amount will be reduced by the cost of the administrative costs and will be given to the customer who created the campaign on a bank account within 7 (seven) business days after the end of the campaign
  • You agree that the evidence as evidence of the need to conduct an online campaign may be submitted to public authorities when conducting inspections;
  • You agree that the documents as evidence that you need an online campaign to be provided to donors in the campaign upon their request;
  • that you are aware of the criminal liability for untrue data provided by you. When setting up your online donation campaign, you need to prove the need to run an online donation campaign by applying document evidence by committing certified copies of the donations in 3 (three) working days to the following address: Knezha (5835), 10 Rayko Daskalov Str., Pleven district. For example, hospital epicriss, expert opinion, federation certificate, institute certificate, school certificates, etc.

IDEASPONSOR.ORG aims to assist and facilitate individuals, groups, social causes and non-profit organizations to raise funds online.